I love to bake. I love to eat baked goods. But flour and sugar are NOT my friends, so I play around with recipes until I find something that meets my lower sugar, nutrient dense criteria. Chocolate chip cookies are …Read More »
  • Identity Stories

    Identity Stories

    I have been thinking a lot about the narratives that we inhabit. There are stories that we believe about ourselves, that we’ve grown up hearing and have been woven into our psyche. Most often they are stories our family of …Read More »
  • Scarcity Mentality

    Scarcity Mentality

    My mother was a food hoarder. A family story I adore is that when my brother was in high school and our freezer broke, Mom asked him to wait for the repairman while she was at work. When the repairman …Read More »
  • Support Matters!

    Support Matters!

    In the past month, I’ve had THREE couple clients. Meaning, both husband and wife were in on the session. I’ve done a few of these over the years, but to have so many in such a short time has been …Read More »
  • Special Occasion Food

    Special Occasion Food

    Since Eliza’s birth, I’ve hosted my in-laws at my house for Thanksgiving. My awesome first cousin and her husband come over early to cook with me, watch football with my husband and play with the girls. Sadly for me, my …Read More »
  • Your body is NOT you

    Your body is NOT you

    I’ve been a member of Pantsuit Nation for only two weeks so far, And already it’s been the most inspiring group of people I’ve had the pleasure of sharing space with. Before the election, thousands of people posted photos of …Read More »
  • Okay for Now

    Okay for Now

    I was expecting the shift from one kid to two to be epic. A shit storm, really, since that’s exactly how the transition from none to one went. But Lucy slid into our family as though she had always been here. …Read More »
  • “Your Body Looks Great, Mama”

    “Your Body Looks Great, Mama”

    Yesterday morning, frantically trying to be on time as always, my 4 year old was doing somersaults on my bed. It messed her hair up, so she asked me to fix it. “In a minute!” “Mama, why do you keep changing your …Read More »
  • Working Smart

    Working Smart

    I have been teaching group fitness classes and doing personal training for 16 years. The standard class and session length is an hour, and in that hour we do a lot of great things for our bodies. But sub-60 minute workouts …Read More »
  • My Body Your Business

    My Body Your Business

    I suspect pregnancy is the final frontier of boundary issues. It’s astounding to me just how many people feel entitled and compelled to comment on my body. My non-pregnant adult weight fluctuates and sometimes people will comment that I look …Read More »