Do you reward yourself with food?

In a recent Sugar Purge, the subject of treats came up. As in, I want a treat for making it through the day! I deserve a treat for making it through the day!  Hmm, now that I’m bringing awareness to this, I think I NEED a treat for making it through this day!

Sound familiar? There’s that time in the day where finally everything is either completed or left well enough, dinner is a distant memory and things feel calm. Do you find yourself reaching for a snack right about now? In all honesty, I used to plan what my snack was going to be! I’d be reading my kid her bedtime story and thinking about what was in the freezer, already getting excited to crash on the couch, watch some John Oliver with my husband and EAT SWEETS. Most often, it was 2 rice cakes topped with almond butter and chocolate chips-about 300 calories that I did not need (though I did enjoy!).

This went on for over a year.

Like any habit, it’s a process to break it. First, I had to realize what was going on. I tried denial “hmm, the dryer is shrinking my pants!” I tried workarounds “Five miles is really a better distance than 4 for my runs these days!” I tried wine instead of cookies, which led to “Now that I’m a little buzzed, I think I’ll have more cookies!”  I finally admitted that I wasn’t doing myself any favors by rewarding myself with non-nutritive food at night.

But I did still deserve a treat! I work long days and though I love nearly all of the things I fill my days with, it’s a grind. I needed to find something else to look forward to as I’m reading Knuffle Bunny Free for the millionth time.

So I crowd sourced, got some great suggestions and am very happy to share my new list of things that make me happy at the end of the day that aren’t chocolate. I’d LOVE to hear yours!!

  • sitting on the couch with my husband watching John Oliver and not eating anything
  • digging into a fun magazine
  • watching guilty pleasure TV
  • taking a long hot shower
  • catching up with friends-us moms do our best, most hilarious texting between 9pm and midnight
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