Listening to the needs of the client is crucial in devising a nutrition plan that will work. I believe that everyone can make improvements in their health, and diet is a cornerstone of that. Whether you want more energy, want to prevent disease or simply need a few quick and easy recipes, nutrition counseling can help. I offer services in:

  • Eating for optimal energy
  • Meal and diet planning
  • Pre-conception and pregnancy nutrition
  • Breast feeding and post-partum support
  • Gestational Diabetes
  • VBAC hopefuls
  • Sports nutrition
  • Special diets (vegetarian, gluten-free, etc)
  • Reducing risk factors for cardiovascular disease (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc)
  • General health
  • Menu selection for those of us who eat out frequently
  • On-going nutritional coaching

I also offer two week supported Seasonal Cleanses (spring and autumn) and Sugar Purges. The group includes dietary guidelines, motivation, meal tips and corresponding literature. Groups are limited to 15 participants and cost $150.

The Fall Cleanse focuses on supporting the colon and lungs as we head into the dark and cold half of the year while the Spring Cleanse supports the liver and kidneys for maximum health in the light and warm half.