12 Week Lifestyle Program

This 12 week intensive includes a personalized fitness plan and implementation support, in depth nutrition sessions and continued nutritional coaching plus stress management tactics and tools. You will have phone access to me on a weekly basis, three live chat personal training sessions and daily email access. This program is $6000 with the option to renew at the end of the first 12 weeks and go even deeper. If you’re ready to make big sustainable changes, this program is for you!

Supported Nutritional Challenges

I offer 12 day supported Group Seasonal Cleanses (spring and autumn) and Sugar Purges.

The Cleanses are gentle: they are food-only (so no potions, juices or concoctions) and are designed to help you feel your best at times of seasonal changes.

The Sugar Purge is 12 days of limited sugar intake with guidance, support and accountability.  It’s a flexible program that’s tailored to YOUR goals. Once you begin, you get daily emails from me with challenges, recipes, food for thought and some fun video content. If you do a Group Sugar Purge, you’ll also have the valuable support and input of fellow Sugar Purgers.

Groups are limited to 20 people and cost $99. The next Group Sugar Purge begins March 5th, 2018!

Get your own group of 5 or more and run your own group cleanse or purge for the same price at a time that’s best for you! 

One-on-One Sessions

I offer one-hour and 45 minute sessions and pre-paid packages. These can be nutrition-only, fitness-only or any combination of the two to meet your needs. Fitness sessions are done in the comfort of your home; no need to hire a sitter or allocate any additional time to your workouts!

Nutritional Coaching

Make sustainable change with a preliminary in-depth nutrition session followed by weekly check-ins. We’ll cover goal setting and assess your barriers and help keep you accountable until your habits have truly changed. Packages are available at 1 month for $150, 3 months for $400 or 6 months for $650 , plus the cost of the initial session.

Kitchen Makeover (Brooklyn and Manhattan only)

Together we will stock your fridge and cupboards with real, delicious, whole foods that you will know how to turn into satisfying meals and snacks. I meet you where you are and make nutritious meal planning doable. Let’s tackle your kitchen together!


Using only medical grade supplements is important to me as the supplement industry is unregulated. I trust Designs for Health products for myself, my family and my clients.  Items like chocolate protein powder, kid-friendly fish oil and a solid multi-vitamin are always on my recommended list.