Eating right and exercising are a great foundation for a healthy body, but true wellness involves much more than that. To feel good in your body you need to feel good in your head and your heart, too. Here are some other amazing practitioners who can help you get there.


Flora Margolis, LCSW of Cobble Hill Counseling works one on one and with couples to navigate the unique challenges of new parenthood

Alexandra Phillips is a life coach who works with primary caregivers to find practical and effective ways to combat overwhelm


Beth Conroy, MS, L.Ac is an intuitive healer who specializes in pain management, sports related injuries, women’s health management, and emotional/spiritual well-being. She practices in Soho and Jersey City

Alexis Arvidson Needham, MS, L.Ac brings an Ayurvedic approach to traditional Chinese medicine. She practices in Chelsea

Masha Schmidt, MS, L.Ac  treats adults and children (including mine!) with such grace and nurturing. She practices in Union Square

Sara Ruvinsky PT, MSPT, CEAS treats a diverse patient population and specializes in the treatment of the spine, pelvis, and hip, prenatal and postpartum conditions, as well as gait and balance dysfunctions. She makes home visits in Brooklyn and lower Manhattan


Vered Music provides the soundtrack of early parenting; all of my prenatal clients are gifted with her fabulous CDs upon baby’s arrival!

Culinary instructor Kim Calichio brings connection to food to a personal level while also offering sustainable and attainable practices that will increase knowledge and change lives

As a post-partum doula, Biba Milioto empowers and supports new parents’ transition from being pregnant to becoming parents: forming routines that work for their family, helping establish breastfeeding rhythms, and assisting with household tasks. biba@thebibaco.com


With so many experts and conflicting nutritional advice, it can be confusing and overwhelming to find information. Here are some of my recommendations for well researched thoughts on food:

Marion Nestle’s Food Politics blog is essential reading for anyone who is skeptical about Big Food

Nina Planck’s Real Food: What to Eat and Why changed my life and was my bible as I began eating meat after 15 years.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t share my favorite writers about body positivity. Body acceptance is a passion of mine and something I try to instill in all of my clients.

Lindy West is a champion of this and her book, Shrill, is required reading, as far as I’m concerned