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Clients are saying:

While the Sugar Purge wasn’t always easy, your emails, guidelines and the group support made it manageable and I feel like I made some changes that I’ve theoretically been meaning to make for a while now but haven’t been able to do so on my own –L.H.

You have such a nice, wise perspective on things that is never heavy handed, and places faith and confidence in your client.  I appreciate it!!! — E.T.

I just started “running,” so at this moment I am particularly excited about my progress since I have never been a runner in my nearly 50 year old life. Thank you for helping me take it step by step so that I did not hurt myself –P.G.

I believe strongly that Aynsley’s supportive, realistic approach is far more likely to contribute to long-term, healthy changes in one’s life than any diet, plan, or program that I have found anywhere else. –L.R.

Aynsley has been so helpful in setting realistic and achievable goals. When goals aren’t met (for whatever reason), Aynsley provides amazing support in identifying what got in the way in a non-judgmental way that really allows for removing barriers, while also fostering a sense of kindness towards oneself. –Elizabeth 

The sugar purge worked because it was like a boot camp for cutting out the sweets. You gear up for it, you have others there to motivate and support you and it makes it so much easier to approach the issue! Within the first few days you can feel a definite difference in your eating patterns and cravings. I think we don’t realize or believe how much sugar affects our choices until you feel it for yourself by cutting back. –Erica B

I can’t say I have changed “forever” since that is always a death sentence on any lifestyle alteration.  But I have committed to eating way less sugar, bread and snacks and I am doing great. I have done so many “diets” and other cleanses and OA and some “change mentally to change physically”.   None of which stuck with me. Your gentle approach really resonated with me. — Lara

“Whether you want your butt kicked, your body stretched, you waistline reduced, or all of the above, I can’t recommend Aynsley highly enough!” –Jennifer Friedlin

I joined Aynsley’s 12-day fall whole foods cleanse and it was a fantastic experience. I had a ton of questions going into it, and she answered them all very patiently and with great insight.. I learned so much and she made it really fun.  I would definitely recommend working with Aynsley–along with being incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about health and wellness, she’s a truly warm person who really cares about her clients’ success. –Beth Lipton

Aynsley has always remained accessible to me and supportive of me; she changed my life in a huge way that I am reminded of everyday.” –Kim Hoeckele

Aynsley’s guidance was thorough and invaluable. Every step of the way, she explained the technique, the benefits and the mechanics of each exercise or stretch. Aynsley changed my life. She took fitness out of world the abstract and made it an absolute reality.  –Josh

I couldn’t be happier with the results I have achieved. Her professionalism, extensive knowledge, and enthusiastic dedication to her work and clients provide a perfect formula for success.” –Barb

When someone wants to make a health change, I will absolutely recommend Aynsley–as I know that she will help others the way she helped me make a lifestyle change that will be with me forever. The best investment I could have made for my health and well being. ” –Louis M.

Physically, I am doing things I never thought possible–running longer distances and pushing myself in new ways. I have also lost weight, toned up, and feel more confident about my body. I feel fortunate to have her in my life!” –Megan