The Sweetest Option: Fruit Bliss!

I was invited to guest blog over at Fruit Bliss!

Many of my clients list “the desire to feel better” as the number one reason they come to me. Often, they are driven by vexing energy crashes, chronic headaches, digestive complaints, sleeping difficulty, and/or general aches and pains. While a healthy balanced diet may not rid them of these ailments, nutrient-dense foods and reduced sugar intake can definitely help.

One of the first courses of action I take with all of my clients is to help them cut out added sugars. Humans have evolved to crave sweetness, as food companies are well aware. It’s no wonder they are adding sugar to everything from pasta sauce to infant formula to bread – even the “healthy” whole wheat options. The result is that Americans currently consume more than twice the American Heart Association’s daily recommended sugar allowance – kids consume nearly four times the recommended allowance. Too much sugar is contributing to the obesity epidemic. It can also impair the immune system, upset hormone balances, trigger systemic inflammation, and even increase the risk for certain types of cancers.

But quitting sugar is tough. So I focus on helping people to knock out added sugar while looking to healthier sources for the sweet they desire. Dried fruit offers a great option. It helps satisfy the urge for sweet, while allowing people to enjoy summer fruits all year round. Plus, dried fruit has vitamins, minerals, fiber, and a satisfying texture. And Fruit Bliss is a notch above ordinary dried fruit because, with only organic fruit and water, it is juicy and chemical free.

Here are some great ways you can incorporate Fruit Bliss into your meals.


IIMG_20151122_144531645nstead of a bowl of cold cereal or a bagel for breakfast, try a scoop of plain 2% or full fat yogurt topped with some chopped Fruit Bliss figs along with some nuts and seeds. The yogurt offers protein, the nuts and seeds provide healthy fats, and the figs offer a sweet hit and carbohydrates. The combination will keep you energized and satisfied until lunch. This breakfast will feel indulgent, but the good news it’s 100% healthy! (If you don’t do dairy, substitute plain coconut milk yogurt.)


THE UNSANDWICHIMG_20151123_084250105

For lunch, consider incorporating some natural sweetness to stave off that 3 pm sugar craving. I love chicken salad with organic bell peppers for some color and crunch, avocado in place of the mayo for more nutrients, and Fruit Bliss apricots for sweetness and texture. If you love spice, add some hot sauce. Spoon it in some rinsed romaine hearts for an “unsandwich” and you’ve got a balanced, satisfying, nutrient dense meal that will keep you humming all afternoon. Not a chicken eater? Try tofu or salmon salad.



For dinner, a IMG_20151123_084814044_HDRbig green salad helps you get your recommended five daily servings of veggies. Sometimes I’ll do a mixed green salad as my main course and add baked tempeh, pumpkin seeds, Fruit Bliss plums, and whatever leftover roasted veggies I have on hand. If you satisfy your sweet cravings at dinner you will be less likely to raid the fridge at 9pm.



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