FITNESS, getting there, being there, and oh, so far from there

Has it been a while since you’ve gotten some intentional exercise?
Have you ever thought that you couldn’t possibly go to Spinning class because it’s too advanced, or yoga class because you’re not flexible enough? When you think of running, do you think of a marathon?
I hear these kinds of things EVERY day. For some reason, so many people think they need to be fit before they can get fit. Which of course is a catch 22 and, let’s face it, self sabotage. No matter where you are now, there is likely room for improvement. And there are SO many ways to get there.
Thanks to YouTube and numerous fitness apps, it’s possible to get any workout streamed to your living room at any time of day. This can be a great first step as the only investment you need to make at first is time. BUT, I will caution you to only use reputable sources. If you’re scoping YouTube, look for qualified trainers’ official workouts. I’ve seen some seriously crazy stuff that people post; following a “creative regime” is a recipe for frustration and possibly injury.
Ah, the joys of running! No equipment needed except some sneakers and the open road. What better way to enjoy the scenery, to explore your neighborhood, to get some fresh air and burn serious calories? Except, well, that’s kind of bullshit until you’ve built a fitness base and are actually enjoying yourself. If you think you’d like running in concept but haven’t done it in practice, start with a walk/run progression. You can invent your own based on how you feel, or do a program like couch to 5K
In my group fitness tenure, I have taught Spinning, yoga, Interval Training, Boot Camp, Total Body Conditioning and Kickboxing. And I will tell you that EVERY single person who has ever come to class had to come a first time. Maybe they were fit before, but often not. Group fitness tends to be a great entry into regular exercise for a few reasons:

  • it’s scheduled, so you can easily put it into your calendar
  • most instructors have extensive knowledge about what they are teaching and will lead a safe and effective work out
  • good instructors will also show you modifications that are right for your body so you can progress at your own pace as you get stronger
  • you can try a huge variety of different modes with very little investment-often fitness classes are free with your gym membership and most classes are an hour.
  • you have built-in accountability with the instructor and other participants
  • It’s FUN! Really! Not all of them will be fun for you, but something probably will. I am the world’s worst dancer, so Zumba doesn’t do it for me at all, but I love a good cardio kickbox.

If you find that you still want to exercise but are just not making it happen, call a local personal trainer who does house calls. I promise that you have nothing to be embarrassed about and your trainer will challenge you appropriately and get you to the next level. If you’re in NYC, call me!

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